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The Way Real Estate is Listed and Sold has Changed

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Our goal is to deliver the best valuation products in real estate. We not only provide multiple valuation sources but we give you the ability to engage and adjust.

Listing Options

The way real estate is sold has changed. There are multiple ways to list and sell and it is important to understand the benefits of all options.

Multiple Cash Offers

Cash/ Instant offers are a big part of real estate and as a seller it is important to be able to receive multiple cash/ instant offers and understand the benefits of each.


As listing options change so do marketing methods. Working with the right agent to provide the best marketing to the best audience is crucial.

Curious About Instant / Cash Offers?

We make instant/ cash offers easy.

Simply input your address and property details and we will deliver multiple cash offers.

Don't settle for just one offer- let us bring you multiple offers

About Us

Our Story

Charles Honeycutt, Co-Owner and Team Leader at Red Envelope Real Estate Team, transitioned to real estate in 2016 after a successful corporate career. With a background in entrepreneurship, he founded and sold an ISP and partnered in an employment agency. Charles, passionate about real estate since youth, has invested in over 500 apartment doors. In 2018, he embraced a full-time real estate role, leveraging insights gained in Franchise Development. Partnering with ENRG Realty equips the Red Envelope Real Estate Team with cutting-edge tools. Charles, an avid sports fan and travel enthusiast, brings a dynamic blend of experience and passion to client service.  

Terry Tran, Co-Owner and President of Red Envelope Real Estate Team brokered by Real, entered the real estate field after a long career as a Project Manager Consultant in Healthcare Information Technology with large consulting firms and nationally known hospitals. Terry has had a passion for real estate for many years and began investing in multifamily properties in 2016 and has invested in over 500 apartment doors. He made the leap to real estate on a full-time basis in 2021. His experience with systems and processes is a tremendous asset to Red Envelope Real Estate Team and our clients. Terry spends a great deal of time overseeing the care of his parents and loves to travel in his spare time.

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